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Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally, say whaaaaat!?

This is the big step for music industry.

Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally

Since internet radios got boomed rapidly, people are easy to access and buy music on online by clicking or tapping the screen. We used to go to live or watch television such as MTV and remember the artist or song that we liked and go CD shop to by single or album. However, nowadays, we are easy to access to music with our smartphone or on PC, plus we can purchase music really easy on online. Click and BOOM!

What will be the next?

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Soundwave Roadie of Japan.

Have you heard about Soundwave?
I’m elected as Soundwave Roadie (ambassador) for a year ago and I’m spreading how this app is the music friendly app from Japan to the world.


Soundwave is a app that tracks your music you are listening to and able to show what you listened to people who are friends with Soundwave. You can make groups with other Soundwave users to enrich your music knowledge, community, and discover new music.


There are some awesome features on this app. The preview feature is my favorite. It will allow you to listen to preview of music. For instance I have many friends on Soundwave who listen to same kind of music I like. If I go to their home screen, I can see what the listened to and what music ate like by them.


There is done interesting feature with using map. Draw circle, triangle, or square in the map and see what Soundwave users are listening to.


For those of you who are music enthusiast, I will strongly recommend to try this so to enhance your music library. It’s available on iPhone, and Android!

Download on Google Play

Download on App Store【Today’s Music】