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My Airsoft Collections

I  have collected several airsoft guns for an year and I think its about time to stop buying it… Therefore, here are some photo and info of my collections.



KSC RM4 CQB ERG AEG (Magpul Edition)

– Novel Arms T-1 Dot Sight
– Rainier Arms Mini Compensator (CCW)
– PTS Magpul Lower Receiver Full Metal (BLK)
– PTS MOE Hand Guard (BLK)
– PTS Pmag  120rds (DE)
– PTS MOE Grip (BLK)
– PTS MBUS Gen2 Flip-up Sight (BLK)
– PTS CTR Stock (BLK)


– Defiance HPS 4GSK silencer
– Aluminium Rails
– AIM Sports Flashlight 150-Lumen Kriss

TM G17 GBB Agency Arms Edition

– ACE 1 Agency Arms Urban Combat Aluminium Slide for TM/WE G17
– Guarder Gen3 Frame (Agency Arms Stepping Custom)
– SAI “Silent Arms International” Trigger (YLO)
– Surefire X300U
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Strap


– MBUS type Front/Rear Flip-up sights
– COMP2 Dot Sight
– Tulip Flash Hider/Suppressor
– TROY Industries 2-point Battle Sling
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Straps


– PTS Trigger Guard BLK
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Straps

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Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally, say whaaaaat!?

This is the big step for music industry.

Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally

Since internet radios got boomed rapidly, people are easy to access and buy music on online by clicking or tapping the screen. We used to go to live or watch television such as MTV and remember the artist or song that we liked and go CD shop to by single or album. However, nowadays, we are easy to access to music with our smartphone or on PC, plus we can purchase music really easy on online. Click and BOOM!

What will be the next?

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Airsoft compilation from March, 2015




1427805095907_1 1427805098709_1 1427805093997_11427805113831_1
1427805024809_1 1427805012170_1 1427115822825_1 1427115814595_1 1427103784000_1 1422936632122 1422936627264 Screenshot_2015-04-01-23-30-14_11427805021260_1 Screenshot_2015-04-01-23-29-04_1 Screenshot_2015-04-01-23-27-50_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-15-05_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-14-52_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-14-22_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-13-55_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-13-30_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-11-27_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-10-27_1 Screenshot_2015-03-25-11-09-52_1 Screenshot_2015-04-02-00-30-27_1

My airsoft gear サバゲー装備の紹介

I have been playing airsoft for three years. From 2014, I play airsoft more often, like once to twice a month at least. Usually I go to an airsoft field with same gears. Therefore, if you find me at airsoft field, feel free to say “hi”!

My BDU(Battle Dress Uniform)

I always wear “DPM Desert” BDU. DPM stands for “Disruptive Pattern Material” and this type for camouflage uniform is used by British military. I choose this BDU for a reason. There are lots of airsoft player in Japan and they wear famous BDU patterns such as “MultiCam“, ” ACU“, and “Kryptek“. I did not wanted to dressing alike, so I choose the “DPM Desert”. image

My airsoft gun

I own several airsoft guns, and I will introduce my two of my collection. ” KSC RM4 CQB ERG” This is my primary weapon for most of my games. This airsoft gun has recoil system which mimics recoil fromactual assault rifle (however, it does not recoil like an actual gun). image “Tokyo Marui MP5SD6”

This airsoft gun is really compact and light weight. Plus, it has been costumed to high rate of fire. From my record, the best was 29 shots in a second.


“Extra Accessories”

・Shemagh (Black&White)

・Chest rig holster (Tan)

・Dump porch (Tan)

・Blackhawk M9 holster (Black)

・Oakley M frame sunglass

・Oakley factory pilot glove

・Knee pads (Black)

・GoPro HERO3+ Silver

【Today’s Music】

Enoshima Walkthrough Part.2

From previous post, “Enoshima Walkthrough Part.1” I have post the footage of going top of the Enoshima island by foot. The next video at the bottom of this post will be going to the edge of Enoshima island from the top of the Enoshima. Since Enoshima is a peninsula, the endof the island got the great view of ocean.


【Today’s Music】

Blind man sees wife for first time in 10 years

The science have come to this point. The blind man now can see his wife by using prototype eye device. 科学の進歩は感動させるものが多い。今回10年間もの間、視力を失った男性がプロトタイプの視覚認識装置をかけて、奥さんの事を光として見ることができた。

Also science have come to make hearing aids for people who have lose hearing. その他にも耳の聞こえない赤ちゃんが聴覚をサポートする補聴器を付けて母親の声を初めて聞けた表情に涙が出てしまいました。

I love science, science is a modern magic! The term of Wizard and Witch in old era are like Doctor and Nurse in modern life. Doctor and Wizard made Impossible to possible by magic. 私は科学の力は現代の魔法と考えている。Doctor(医者)とNurse(看護師)はまるでWizard(魔法使い)とWitch(魔女)と言っているようなものだ。かれこれ長い間、科学は不可能を可能にしてきた。次は何を可能にしてくれるのだろうか。

【Today’s Music】

“10 Years of YouTube: Evolution of Viral Video”

How many videos can you recognize?

Tokyo Sky Tree mall “Soramachi”

Here is the footage of inside of Tokyo Sky Tree mall, “Soramachi”. Enjoy.

【Today’s Music】

すた丼 “Stadon”

While the break at work, me and my coworker went to rice bowl restaurant called ”すた丼(Stadon)”. I ordered spice rice bowl today. It was raining today,so the store had a campaign for free dumpling because of the rain. 仕事の休憩時間に近くの丼ぶり屋さんの【すた丼】秋葉原店に行ってきました。雨だったことで半餃子の無料キャンペーンがやってて、そちらもご一緒にオーダー!

Free dumpling

When the rice bowl showed up, the green pepper was in the bowl…. I was like, “Hey(to my cowoker), can you eat my green pepper?” with smiley face. He accepted for me since I do not like green pepper.  Here is the before after of my rice bowl. メニューから【旨辛丼】をチョイスしたが、ピーマンが入ってたので同僚に食べてもらいました(笑) 味はそこそこ美味しかったが、ピーマンだけがなぁ。。。IMG_20150217_193132IMG_20150217_193431

The taste of rice bowl itself was pretty good. The store is located in Akihabara, so if you have any chance, try it! 秋葉原に寄った際は行ってみてはいかがでしょうか。


Photo of my coworker ate green pepper for me. ピーマンを食べてくれた同僚の写真。


【Today’s Music】

Little Noah ”リトル ノア”

There is a new app called “Little Noah” from BlazeGames. Inc,. `

Cygamesの子会社であるBlazeGamesは新しくSUPERCELLから提供されているClash of Clan (通称:クラクラ)の様な、リアルタイムストラテジーゲームである”リトル ノア”を最近公開しました。


Its a strategical game like “Clash of Clan”. The thing I like about this app is the graphic quality. Another thing I like is about this app is this game does not have “Gacha”. このゲームにはガチャが存在しないので、無課金ユーザーである私には合っているゲームだと思いダウンロードしてみました。

↓If you do not know about “Gacha”, check this video↓

Most of the free app is basically pay real money will boost your strength. However, this app would not have “Gacha”, so all of the players’ strength are pretty even. ガチャは課金で手に入るものもあり、短時間の間で自分のキャラクターを強くすることが可能ですが、このゲームにはガチャが存在しません。なので全プレイヤーは均等なレベル帯で戦えたりするのでゲームバランスが取れているゲームだと思います。

The art of this app is created by famous artist “Akihiko Yoshida” who works at Square ENIX. He is well known for his work on the Final Fantasy series. 今回のゲームのアートディレクターはスクウェア・エニックスでお馴染みのファイナルファンタジーのアート作成を務めた吉田明彦さん。

Little Noah gameplay1

Game graphic is very smooth since its still a new app on the Google Play store now and coming soon on App store soon. I bet this app will be killer app for people who do not want to pay extra money to play. ゲーム画面はぬるぬる動きいて無料アプリが嘘のようですね。現在、Google Play Storeで無料配信中です。無課金ゲーマーさんには是非ともお勧めしたいですねぇ。

Zoomed game screenThis is a zoomed up image of game screen. I will say its a well made game for FREE! こんなにズームしてもキャラクターや建物のディテールがしっかりしていて無料にしてはやりますねぇ。

Before the fightHere is an example picture of before the fight. We will select the minions to attack and eliminate enemies or other players. The most right champion is called “Anima”. 戦い前の準備画面では自分の味方が選択できます。一番右のキャラクターは”アニマ”と言い、味方を支援する魔法や、攻撃魔法を持っているのです。

Anima ArtAnima has high HP and own some skills to assists minions or damage the enemies.


If you like a new app or real-time strategical game, I would like to recommend this! It’s FREE on Android now!! 新しいもの好きの人や戦略系のゲームが好きな人にはオススメしたいゲームですね。なんといっても無料なんですから!Google Play Storeで無料ダウンロード出来ますよ‼

If you start playing this app, my friend ID is 12509, so please add me on your friend list 😀 ちなみに僕のフレンドIDは12509なので是非登録してくださいね(*‘ω‘ *)