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Being alone is not fun D:


Kitties keeping the gods company: Check out these photos of cats in Japanese shrines!

When I went to Enoshima shrine, there were cats everywhere.



A few weeks ago, we found out that some cats had started taking over shrines in Thailand. While that might make our furry friends seem extremely impious, it’s also exactly the kind of hubris that we suspect cats particularly delight in. Now, you may be wondering if the same thing could happen in Japan–and the answer is: Of course!

While we’ve long suspected cats of being emissaries of the spirit world, these photos should make it clear that your kitten isn’t just adorable–it’s holy adorable!

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How to cook pot stickers in just three seconds: Lots of garlic, lots of craziness 【Video】

One blink, One dumpling is ready to eat lol


TG 13

I love gyoza, the pork and garlic-packed dumplings that you can find in diners, ramen joints, and grocery stores across Japan. Seriously, when the Japan Gyoza Association released an ad that was just a dude running around with a delirious grin saying, “Aha! Gyoza! Ahaha!” it seemed, to me, like the most natural reaction in the world to the little wrapped bits of deliciousness.

Really, the only complaint I have about gyoza is that I don’t have a freshly cooked batch in front of me right now. With a solution to that problem, here’s a video of how to make gyoza in just three seconds, without using a microwave.

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Enoshima Trip

Currently, I am living in Tokyo, but my hometown is in Kanagawa prefecture. I had some day offs, so I went back to my hometown. Enoshima is the peninsula in Shōnan area. It is famous for sight seeing place, cats, shrine, and flower garden.

I hasn’t drove my car often, so got exited to drive. I own BMW 318ti, it’s pretty old model; however, I changed the rims, suspensions, and lights.

In Enoshima, there are lots of foreign visitors were there for sight seeing. I had my GoPro on my head, so here are the footage of “To Enoshima”.

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Time lapse in Yokohama Bay Quarter

Time lapse video at Yokohama Bay Quarter. Took about 600 shots and compile to a short video! Enjoy.

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DyDo’s coffee drink & Nintendo collab: We get nostalgic with limited edition 8-bit Mario figures

Lots of extra stuff marketing in Japan. I think the best one is give portable ash tray for a pack of cigarette.


DyDo blend canned coffee drink and Nintendo Super Mario Bros Dot Figure Collection collaboration campaign

If, like me, you’re a tad obsessive when it comes to character goods and love the kitschy cross-promotions that often infiltrate Japanese convenience stores, here’s something that’ll perk you up: beverage company DyDo Drinco recently announced its “Super Mario Bros. Dot Figure Collection” campaign, to commemorate the anniversary of both its canned coffee drink and Nintendo’s worldwide phenomenon of a game.

Read up on the collaboration’s details after the jump and bear with me while I get a little sentimental. Also, thanks to excited YouTuber and goods enthusiast Satoshi Machida, you’ll get a close-up look at the pixelated (but not pixilated) cuties!

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