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懸賞生活(Prize contest life)

I have been applying to tons of site for winning a Prize. So far I have invited to preview of film, won a biscuit, and I am looking forward to win more prizes. In Japan, some of the companies research home many people are interested into their products, like a marketing research. Some of the companies offer prizes if we press Like! on Facebook.


コペンハーゲン ダニッシュミニクッキー



他に映画の試写会で「クラウド アトラス」と「はなれ瞽女(ごぜ)おりん」に招待されたので、とても楽しみにしております。更新が滞っており申し訳ございませんでした。

I have not writing a post because I have been busy for most of the day until now, but I will keep up the work for make people interest on how I do in Japan; moreover, what is Japan for people from other countries.