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Enoshima Walkthrough Part.2

From previous post, “Enoshima Walkthrough Part.1” I have post the footage of going top of the Enoshima island by foot. The next video at the bottom of this post will be going to the edge of Enoshima island from the top of the Enoshima. Since Enoshima is a peninsula, the endof the island got the great view of ocean.


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Enoshima Walkthrough Part.1

From the previous post Trip to Enoshima”, I post the footage of drive to Enoshima.

This time, I am posting the footage of Enoshima walkthrough. There were lots of steps to go up. If we pay fee, we could use the escalator, but if we use that, we gonna miss beautiful ocean views. Also there are lots of cats live in Enoshima!! :3


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Enoshima Trip

Currently, I am living in Tokyo, but my hometown is in Kanagawa prefecture. I had some day offs, so I went back to my hometown. Enoshima is the peninsula in Shōnan area. It is famous for sight seeing place, cats, shrine, and flower garden.

I hasn’t drove my car often, so got exited to drive. I own BMW 318ti, it’s pretty old model; however, I changed the rims, suspensions, and lights.

In Enoshima, there are lots of foreign visitors were there for sight seeing. I had my GoPro on my head, so here are the footage of “To Enoshima”.

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Time lapse in Yokohama Bay Quarter

Time lapse video at Yokohama Bay Quarter. Took about 600 shots and compile to a short video! Enjoy.

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Tokyo Sky Tree mall “Soramachi”

Here is the footage of inside of Tokyo Sky Tree mall, “Soramachi”. Enjoy.

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On the way to work in Akihabara

I have been going to Akihabara a lot for work, but on the way to work, I always find some weird thing in Akihabara. 最近は秋葉原での仕事が多く仕事に向かう度に変な面白いものを見つけたりしてます。

First, I found Gacha center inside of station. Which means, if you do not have train ticket, you cannot able to get Gacha. I mentioned Gacha before in post from past, that was the game Gacha, but this one is real life Gacha. One Gacha costs from 100yen to 300yen. まず最初は駅構内に設置されていたガチャコーナー。切符を買わないとプレイ出来ないとは面白いけど、限定品などではなさそうでした。最近のガチャは100円だけじゃなく、300円の物まで出てきましたね!Gacha 1 Gacha 2 New arrival Gacha

Today was a commercialized car near Akihabara station. It was advertizing TV show. I saw the back side of the car, I thought it was a new redbull car. 駅から出ると、変な宣伝カーが・・・。センスが…(笑)

Weird Commecialized CarWeird commercialized car from sideI had cheap Ramen today at “Hakata Furyu”. I ordered spicy Miso flavor Ramen and it costs 600yen. Also you can get  noodle refuel for free up to two times!! I forgot to take free noodle… 今日は【博多風龍】というところでラーメンを頂きました。価格は600円とお手頃で、なんと替え玉無料!替え玉の写真は撮り忘れました・・・。

博多風龍 辛味噌ラーメン

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“Little Pentagon”

I am at Zama city now where U.S. military base is at for applying job. By the way, do you now how big is military camp in this town? It is 2,346,392㎡… Huge military base isn’t it? However there are living districts, movie theater, postal office, and etc. If Japanese people are willing to enter Camp Zama, there are few days that they allow Japanese to enter to play bowling, and cherry blossom sightseeing. But some of the places says “PX (Post Exchange)” and they do not allow Japanese people to enter at least those people who works for that camp. I am not sure now because the world has been changing. Since I can use English, I think this is the best opportunity to expand my knowledge. This isn’t my first time to come to this city. I was in military base when I was elementary student. At that time, there is a program for kids to go Camp Zama to experience and learn English by home staying and I still remembered I went to the first laser tag game. It was unforgettable memory for me to experience the American culture in Japan. Also I loved American pepperoni pizza in the camp, I misses American pizza.


P.S. Sorry for non-picture post, but I will keep up my posts in future. And thanks for those people who liked my blog! Because of those people, I want to write more and make them interest to my blog.



What is Akihabara, Denny’s, Ramen?

One of the famous pop culture in Japan is an Animation which is growing every year.

I went to Akihabara with my fiance to show how does mecca of Japanese pop culture. I usually go there to purchase cheap electronics or souvenir to U.S. Most of the buildings in Akihabara are electronic shop, pop culture goods store, and cafes. I want to point out the cafes in Akihabara are little different than any other cafes in Japan. Some are called “Maid Cafe” which is maid will serve the food and drink to a customer with servant attitude. In other word, maid cafe is consider as cosplay restaurant. We didn’t went to Akihabara because I knew that they will charge a lot for those service + the food and drink’s price range are about 500-1000yen ($6-$11) which is pretty pricey. However, some maid cafe enthusiastic people are obsessed to go for enjoyment, not like me going to Japanese Denny’s.

I like Denny’s in Japan. On the other hand, I do not like Denny’s in U.S. The big differences between Japanese and American are first, Japanese are not crazy about bacon like American Denny’s. Becon sundae…? What in the world who eats that desert after the meal. In Japanese Denny’s, they do not serve those bacon dishes. They serve variety kinds of food, such as Ramen, steak, raw/grilled fish, sandwiches, lasagna, and etc. One of my favorite is the hamburger steak with Japanese style soy sauce. Incredibly delicious to me and I always order same items, but that is just me. I forgot to take those photos for this post, but I will bring up more and more in the future.

We went to Japanese Ramen store called 鈴蘭(Suzuran) in 新宿(Shinjuku) area. I ordered辛つけ麺(Spicy dipping Ramen) and my fiance ordered 中華そば(Chukasoba) which is same as regular Ramen, but they serve authentic style.

Store Location


I should go there again because I like the spicy soup and meat was marinated with black pepper!