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Airsoft footage in ASOBIBA Akihabara

Did you know you can play an airsoft game in middle of Tokyo? There is the place called “ASOBIBA Akihabara” which is the airsoft field in placed in Akihabara, Tokyo. Akihabara is known as “Mecca of Anime”, but also there are lots of  Airsoft, Electronic, and food places in there. Since I am a huge fan of an airsoft, I played an airsoft with my friends from 19:00 to 22:00. ASOBIBA owns lots of airsoft fields in Japan. One in Nihonbashi Osaka, Osu Nagoya, and Sakuragicho Kanagawa. Since Akihabara field is a new one, lots of people showed up when we played. There were over 50 people who joined the night game in Akihabara field. Here is a footage of airsoft game with my GoPro camera.

The open hours in ASOBIBA Akihabara

On weekdays: 16:00~22:00

On weekends: 10:00~16:00, 16:00~22:00 (Morning/Night games is separated)

You can also book the charter game and play with your friends or coworkers. If you are interested in to play some game in ASOBIBA, let me know! I would like to help you out to join this exciting sports!

Also, there will be “Resident Evil Event” is coming up at ASOBIBA!! If you want to try an airsoft gun with S.T.A.R.S model, they will rental the Resident Evil model gas blow back airsoft gun on the event!

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On the way to work in Akihabara

I have been going to Akihabara a lot for work, but on the way to work, I always find some weird thing in Akihabara. 最近は秋葉原での仕事が多く仕事に向かう度に変な面白いものを見つけたりしてます。

First, I found Gacha center inside of station. Which means, if you do not have train ticket, you cannot able to get Gacha. I mentioned Gacha before in post from past, that was the game Gacha, but this one is real life Gacha. One Gacha costs from 100yen to 300yen. まず最初は駅構内に設置されていたガチャコーナー。切符を買わないとプレイ出来ないとは面白いけど、限定品などではなさそうでした。最近のガチャは100円だけじゃなく、300円の物まで出てきましたね!Gacha 1 Gacha 2 New arrival Gacha

Today was a commercialized car near Akihabara station. It was advertizing TV show. I saw the back side of the car, I thought it was a new redbull car. 駅から出ると、変な宣伝カーが・・・。センスが…(笑)

Weird Commecialized CarWeird commercialized car from sideI had cheap Ramen today at “Hakata Furyu”. I ordered spicy Miso flavor Ramen and it costs 600yen. Also you can get  noodle refuel for free up to two times!! I forgot to take free noodle… 今日は【博多風龍】というところでラーメンを頂きました。価格は600円とお手頃で、なんと替え玉無料!替え玉の写真は撮り忘れました・・・。

博多風龍 辛味噌ラーメン

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