My airsoft gear サバゲー装備の紹介

I have been playing airsoft for three years. From 2014, I play airsoft more often, like once to twice a month at least. Usually I go to an airsoft field with same gears. Therefore, if you find me at airsoft field, feel free to say “hi”!

My BDU(Battle Dress Uniform)

I always wear “DPM Desert” BDU. DPM stands for “Disruptive Pattern Material” and this type for camouflage uniform is used by British military. I choose this BDU for a reason. There are lots of airsoft player in Japan and they wear famous BDU patterns such as “MultiCam“, ” ACU“, and “Kryptek“. I did not wanted to dressing alike, so I choose the “DPM Desert”. image

My airsoft gun

I own several airsoft guns, and I will introduce my two of my collection. ” KSC RM4 CQB ERG” This is my primary weapon for most of my games. This airsoft gun has recoil system which mimics recoil fromactual assault rifle (however, it does not recoil like an actual gun). image “Tokyo Marui MP5SD6”

This airsoft gun is really compact and light weight. Plus, it has been costumed to high rate of fire. From my record, the best was 29 shots in a second.


“Extra Accessories”

・Shemagh (Black&White)

・Chest rig holster (Tan)

・Dump porch (Tan)

・Blackhawk M9 holster (Black)

・Oakley M frame sunglass

・Oakley factory pilot glove

・Knee pads (Black)

・GoPro HERO3+ Silver

【Today’s Music】


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