Akihabara “The mecca of Anime”

Today was my off, so I went to Akihabara to shop some accessories for my GoPro. Hero3+. I went to Softmap and Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara; however, I could not find anything that I wanted. The new Radio-Kan building was very clean and the stores inside the building were placed well. Before this one, most of the floors were crowded and hard to move around.

今日はお仕事がお休みだった為、秋葉原に行ってきました。私のGoPro Hero3+に取り付けるアクセサリ―を見て回ったんですが、ほしいものが見つからずに秋葉原をうろうろ・・・。

New Radio-Kan

On the way back home, I was craving for Kebab, so I went to one of the Kebab store called “Star★Kebab”


Star★KebabI ordered Chicken Kebab because I have not tried yet before and it is the cheapest Kebab you can get. 一番安いチキンケバブは食べたことがなかったので、辛口ソースで頂きました。味はそこそこと言っても本場のケバブの味を知りませんから!(笑)

Chicken KebabOn the way home, I was still hungry, so I tried the new Ramen store near Komagome station. They serves Yokohama style Ramen, and the prices are starts from 690yen. 最寄り駅から帰る途中にまだお腹が空いていたの、新しくできた横浜系のラーメン屋さんに行ってきました。一番安い醤油豚骨ラーメンをオーダーしました。New ramen shop near Komagome station

In my opinion, this Ramen was…meh (sigh). I did not like it because the noodle were not cooked enough, plus the Ramen was too oily. Maybe some people will like it, but I don’t… sorry. 味はですねぇ。。。僕は好きじゃない。麺がしっかりと茹っていなかったのと、油が多すぎました。好きな人は好きだと思いますが、僕はもう行かないでしょうね・・・。

【Today’s Music】


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