Im back on WordPress!!

Since I was very busy lately, I couldn’t update my blogs. I’m working as airsoft field staff in Tokyo. The reason I got this job is OBVIOUSLY I like playing airsoft lol


I have made team on my own and lot of people have joined my team. Also found an alliance team for my team.


For those people who are not familiar with airsoft, the airsoft is a sport with airsoft guns which shoots plastic BBs. Its like “Call of Duty” and “Battle Field” in real life. We play team death match, domination, free-for-all like hose games. But every person plays in different styles.


Here is an example photo of my teams. Some of my team mates wear different kinds of camouflage clothes in other words, BDU(Battle Dress Uniform). One of my team mate wears suits, and another guy wears clothes like silk worm.


My BDU is called “DPM desert Camo” This BDU is used in British military. Yes, its a royal army BDU! Also bring cup of tea in the battle field. I’m using customed Tokyo Marui’s MP5SD6 and play airsoft game as an attacker.


The role of an attacker is to push and secure the area of operation(AO). On early game, the attackers will runas quick as possible to secure the area for our team. After securing AO, we  fight with enemies by shooting tons of BBs.  Our job is to bring other player such as heavily armed players and snipers. Which means we are like a Rangers.

“Rangers lead the way!”



Recently, I bought GoPro Hero3+ Silver edition, so I’m recording airsoft game footage and post it on Internet. Liking video will help me and also I’m bringing more videos, so please leave a comment if you are interested in or suggestions, Thanks!!

Noriyuki Wakiyama


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