What is Ramen?

Ramen is one of the famous Japanese soup noodle and recently, it has been expanded to world to share Japanese taste. There are 5 major types of Ramen in Japan. Soy sauce base, salt base, pork base, miso base and Tsukemen-style. Tsukemen-style is different than ordinal ramen because the noodle and soup will serve separeted. Therefore, we dip the noodle into soup and eat like a Soba (Japanese cold noodle). Depend on the area of Japan have different style of noodle and that is one of the great way to know what  kind of Ramen you like. In my hometown which is in Kantoh regeion, the soy sauce Ramen is most common one. On the other hand, in Kyushu regieon (South-west of Japan), the most common Ramen is pork base. If you decided tomtravel to anywhere in Japan, I will recommend you to try 2-3 Ramen to taste the local flavored Ramen. Also in the book store, there are guide book for Ramen places. You will be amazed to how much different kind of Ramen places we have in Japan. One warning to people who want to try out lots of Ramen places in Japan. There re some few places will strict you to some rules to eat Ramen such as do not bring kids, drink soup before you eat noodle, and no talking. I feel it is too rediculaous to make a rules to eat Ramen. I usually don’t go to those places because I like to share thoughts to friend or eat noodle at first.

I want to introduce one of my favorite Ramen which I didn’t mention in the beginning. Tantanmen (spicy Ramen) is theone I like and depend on where you eat, the spiciness will be different. It is fun to discover the variety kinds of Tantanmen in Japan. I want to introduce one of my favorite Ramen place in Japan. It is located in Odawara city in Kanagawa prefecture. 森羅’s (Shin-la) Tantanmen is so far best one in Kantoh region.


If you have a chance to visit Japan, try this spicy Ramen 🙂

Address of 森羅: Japan 〒250-0012 Kanagawa Prefecture, Odawara, Honcho, 2-14-16

Screen shot from street view on Google Map



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