“Little Pentagon”

I am at Zama city now where U.S. military base is at for applying job. By the way, do you now how big is military camp in this town? It is 2,346,392㎡… Huge military base isn’t it? However there are living districts, movie theater, postal office, and etc. If Japanese people are willing to enter Camp Zama, there are few days that they allow Japanese to enter to play bowling, and cherry blossom sightseeing. But some of the places says “PX (Post Exchange)” and they do not allow Japanese people to enter at least those people who works for that camp. I am not sure now because the world has been changing. Since I can use English, I think this is the best opportunity to expand my knowledge. This isn’t my first time to come to this city. I was in military base when I was elementary student. At that time, there is a program for kids to go Camp Zama to experience and learn English by home staying and I still remembered I went to the first laser tag game. It was unforgettable memory for me to experience the American culture in Japan. Also I loved American pepperoni pizza in the camp, I misses American pizza.


P.S. Sorry for non-picture post, but I will keep up my posts in future. And thanks for those people who liked my blog! Because of those people, I want to write more and make them interest to my blog.




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