What is Akihabara, Denny’s, Ramen?

One of the famous pop culture in Japan is an Animation which is growing every year.

I went to Akihabara with my fiance to show how does mecca of Japanese pop culture. I usually go there to purchase cheap electronics or souvenir to U.S. Most of the buildings in Akihabara are electronic shop, pop culture goods store, and cafes. I want to point out the cafes in Akihabara are little different than any other cafes in Japan. Some are called “Maid Cafe” which is maid will serve the food and drink to a customer with servant attitude. In other word, maid cafe is consider as cosplay restaurant. We didn’t went to Akihabara because I knew that they will charge a lot for those service + the food and drink’s price range are about 500-1000yen ($6-$11) which is pretty pricey. However, some maid cafe enthusiastic people are obsessed to go for enjoyment, not like me going to Japanese Denny’s.

I like Denny’s in Japan. On the other hand, I do not like Denny’s in U.S. The big differences between Japanese and American are first, Japanese are not crazy about bacon like American Denny’s. Becon sundae…? What in the world who eats that desert after the meal. In Japanese Denny’s, they do not serve those bacon dishes. They serve variety kinds of food, such as Ramen, steak, raw/grilled fish, sandwiches, lasagna, and etc. One of my favorite is the hamburger steak with Japanese style soy sauce. Incredibly delicious to me and I always order same items, but that is just me. I forgot to take those photos for this post, but I will bring up more and more in the future.

We went to Japanese Ramen store called 鈴蘭(Suzuran) in 新宿(Shinjuku) area. I ordered辛つけ麺(Spicy dipping Ramen) and my fiance ordered 中華そば(Chukasoba) which is same as regular Ramen, but they serve authentic style.

Store Location


I should go there again because I like the spicy soup and meat was marinated with black pepper!






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