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Hi, I am BTBhohei

I am interested into a lots of stuffs on the internet. Such as technology, news blog, fashion, and so on. Since its 2013 and my brother’s recommendation, I felt this is the best time to make my blog.

Here is my spec:

AGE: 23
LANGUAGE: Japanese/ English
I‛VE BEEN TO: Vancouver/ Utah/ California/ Guam/ Hawaii
FAN OF: Ferrari/ Google/ Food/ Game

I want to make this blog for expanding my thoughts to the world, and share my interests with other people. I am living in Kantoh(関東) region in Japan and trying to fit in Japanese society. I felt living in U.S. changed me in a good way and I like being Americanized in this collectivism culture. However, I think there are some merit and demerit to be Individualism. So far I am doing totally fine being myself in Japan. I might write a lots of different kinds of thoughts like what is happening in the world now, thoughts to our government, and hundreds of interesting stuff in this world. I think I can’t write perfectly onto this blog, but I will try my best! Hope I can share this with lots of people in the world 🙂






神奈川県藤沢市辻堂神台1−3−1 テラスモール湘南 4F 美山湘南辻堂店
Miyama, Terrace Mall 4F, 1-3-1 Tsujidokandai, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture
・豆乳出汁/ 昆布出汁/ 以下略



Today, me and three of us went to eat Shabushabu(Japanese hotpot food) in Tsujidou Terrace mall. The store called Miyama and they also serves Sukiyaki. This restaurant runs all-you-can-eat food, so in 70 minutes, every meats(depends on your course menue), vegetable, drinks, and icecream are all-you-can-eat. I thought it was funny that the icecream was all-you-can-eat.
First, we order two different kinds of soups from the menue. I forgot how many are there, but we choose regular and soy milk flavor. I usually likes the regular soup, because it has the authentic flavor from Konbu. It is like a seaweed kind like Wakame, but Kombu is really matches with this kind of hotpot food. After ordering the soup, we will get vegetables and drinks until the meat comes. Since it was all-you-can-eat restaurant, they served the meat in a minute; however, the soups werent ready, so we waited few minutes until soups get hot and ready. In a 3-4 minutes, soups become ready to cook the meat and vegetable. There are sesame sauce and Ponzu sauce (Japanese soy sauce with Citrus) to enjoy your food. Here is an example of how I eat Shabushabu.

Put Tofu, Shitake mushroom, and other vegetable
While cooking vegetable, cook your meat from 5-10 seconds (depends on how you want the meat cooked, I personally like middium rare).
Take the specialized tool to scoop the harshness of meat from soup.
Continue 1-3 until you feel full and satisfy.
After sick of eating meat and vegetable, bring Udon and cook with the flavored soup. Soup contains rich flaver from meat and vegetables.
While cooking Udon, bring a bowl, salt, and pepper.
If Udon is ready to eat, put Udon into your bowl, and add soup stock, salt, and pepper to make your Udon soup.

The name of Shabushabu came from the sound of cooking meat with soup. The Japanese as a language can make the sound effect into words. I mean any kinds of sound effect can be say in words. Such as jumping sound effect with be Pyonpyon(ピョンピョン), knocking door will be Konkon(コンコン), and so on. Another interesting fact about the hotpot food culture is the word called Nabebugyou(鍋奉行). Nabebugyou is the people who wants to make the hotpot food for everyone, or people who give order to other people for cooking meat and vegetable. Its one of the funny culture in Japan and hope you can experience in the future.

P.S. My English and Japanese arent perfect, but hope you can enjoy! 拙い英語や日本語で書き上げましたが、次回もよろしくお願いします。


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