My Airsoft Collections

I  have collected several airsoft guns for an year and I think its about time to stop buying it… Therefore, here are some photo and info of my collections.



KSC RM4 CQB ERG AEG (Magpul Edition)

– Novel Arms T-1 Dot Sight
– Rainier Arms Mini Compensator (CCW)
– PTS Magpul Lower Receiver Full Metal (BLK)
– PTS MOE Hand Guard (BLK)
– PTS Pmag  120rds (DE)
– PTS MOE Grip (BLK)
– PTS MBUS Gen2 Flip-up Sight (BLK)
– PTS CTR Stock (BLK)


– Defiance HPS 4GSK silencer
– Aluminium Rails
– AIM Sports Flashlight 150-Lumen Kriss

TM G17 GBB Agency Arms Edition

– ACE 1 Agency Arms Urban Combat Aluminium Slide for TM/WE G17
– Guarder Gen3 Frame (Agency Arms Stepping Custom)
– SAI “Silent Arms International” Trigger (YLO)
– Surefire X300U
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Strap


– MBUS type Front/Rear Flip-up sights
– COMP2 Dot Sight
– Tulip Flash Hider/Suppressor
– TROY Industries 2-point Battle Sling
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Straps


– PTS Trigger Guard BLK
– Idol M@ster Minase Iori Straps

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Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally, say whaaaaat!?

This is the big step for music industry.

Digital music revenue overtakes CD sales for the first time globally

Since internet radios got boomed rapidly, people are easy to access and buy music on online by clicking or tapping the screen. We used to go to live or watch television such as MTV and remember the artist or song that we liked and go CD shop to by single or album. However, nowadays, we are easy to access to music with our smartphone or on PC, plus we can purchase music really easy on online. Click and BOOM!

What will be the next?

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Airsoft compilation from March, 2015




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My airsoft gear サバゲー装備の紹介

I have been playing airsoft for three years. From 2014, I play airsoft more often, like once to twice a month at least. Usually I go to an airsoft field with same gears. Therefore, if you find me at airsoft field, feel free to say “hi”!

My BDU(Battle Dress Uniform)

I always wear “DPM Desert” BDU. DPM stands for “Disruptive Pattern Material” and this type for camouflage uniform is used by British military. I choose this BDU for a reason. There are lots of airsoft player in Japan and they wear famous BDU patterns such as “MultiCam“, ” ACU“, and “Kryptek“. I did not wanted to dressing alike, so I choose the “DPM Desert”. image

My airsoft gun

I own several airsoft guns, and I will introduce my two of my collection. ” KSC RM4 CQB ERG” This is my primary weapon for most of my games. This airsoft gun has recoil system which mimics recoil fromactual assault rifle (however, it does not recoil like an actual gun). image “Tokyo Marui MP5SD6”

This airsoft gun is really compact and light weight. Plus, it has been costumed to high rate of fire. From my record, the best was 29 shots in a second.


“Extra Accessories”

・Shemagh (Black&White)

・Chest rig holster (Tan)

・Dump porch (Tan)

・Blackhawk M9 holster (Black)

・Oakley M frame sunglass

・Oakley factory pilot glove

・Knee pads (Black)

・GoPro HERO3+ Silver

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Airsoft footage in ASOBIBA Akihabara

Did you know you can play an airsoft game in middle of Tokyo? There is the place called “ASOBIBA Akihabara” which is the airsoft field in placed in Akihabara, Tokyo. Akihabara is known as “Mecca of Anime”, but also there are lots of  Airsoft, Electronic, and food places in there. Since I am a huge fan of an airsoft, I played an airsoft with my friends from 19:00 to 22:00. ASOBIBA owns lots of airsoft fields in Japan. One in Nihonbashi Osaka, Osu Nagoya, and Sakuragicho Kanagawa. Since Akihabara field is a new one, lots of people showed up when we played. There were over 50 people who joined the night game in Akihabara field. Here is a footage of airsoft game with my GoPro camera.

The open hours in ASOBIBA Akihabara

On weekdays: 16:00~22:00

On weekends: 10:00~16:00, 16:00~22:00 (Morning/Night games is separated)

You can also book the charter game and play with your friends or coworkers. If you are interested in to play some game in ASOBIBA, let me know! I would like to help you out to join this exciting sports!

Also, there will be “Resident Evil Event” is coming up at ASOBIBA!! If you want to try an airsoft gun with S.T.A.R.S model, they will rental the Resident Evil model gas blow back airsoft gun on the event!

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What is LOLCAT?

LOLCAT is the image of cats. Some pictures have text to emphasize or make cat picture more funny. Here are some examples I found on internet.e57c3fc3 dc0b3a17 bb22f04a ac9dc63d Pets Creature Shelter Cats 07638577 577344c2 44100b04 9636acba 19cfa297

Enoshima Walkthrough Part.2

From previous post, “Enoshima Walkthrough Part.1” I have post the footage of going top of the Enoshima island by foot. The next video at the bottom of this post will be going to the edge of Enoshima island from the top of the Enoshima. Since Enoshima is a peninsula, the endof the island got the great view of ocean.


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Enoshima Walkthrough Part.1

From the previous post Trip to Enoshima”, I post the footage of drive to Enoshima.

This time, I am posting the footage of Enoshima walkthrough. There were lots of steps to go up. If we pay fee, we could use the escalator, but if we use that, we gonna miss beautiful ocean views. Also there are lots of cats live in Enoshima!! :3


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Kitties keeping the gods company: Check out these photos of cats in Japanese shrines!

When I went to Enoshima shrine, there were cats everywhere.

SoraNews24 -Japan News-


A few weeks ago, we found out that some cats had started taking over shrines in Thailand. While that might make our furry friends seem extremely impious, it’s also exactly the kind of hubris that we suspect cats particularly delight in. Now, you may be wondering if the same thing could happen in Japan–and the answer is: Of course!

While we’ve long suspected cats of being emissaries of the spirit world, these photos should make it clear that your kitten isn’t just adorable–it’s holy adorable!

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